Finance Options To Make Your Solar Dream A Reality

C-COR Solar is committed to helping your home or business transition successfully to a renewable future where you control your electricity and enjoy lower energy expenses than ever before.

Obviously, installing a new solar energy system costs money.

We believe solar technology is only worth the investment when you opt for the highest quality materials, hardware and expertise.

We are not one of the “cut price” vendors who try to cut corners in the name of low costs.

So, when you work with C-COR Solar, you know you’re getting the best technology, materials and service in the industry.

This is why we connect our clients to premium finance solutions to give them a full range of options for investing in their new solar system.

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For our commercial solar clients, we understand that the scope and business case for a new solar energy system is by nature bigger and more complex.

Upgrading to solar requires careful consideration regarding capital expenditure, return on investment and long-term service costs.

An emerging financial solution for commercial solar investment is the Power Purchase Agreements.

A PPA defines the commercial terms between the buyer and seller of electricity.

This is key to generating revenue and is therefore a key part of solar project financing.

Commercial financing and PPA options are available through our partner.

As a solar technology specialist, C-COR Solar is not a financial advisor or provider of finance — so we encourage you to explore all options with your advisor or accountant.

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