kW and kWh

Why it’s vital to understand the difference (and potentially expensive to mistake the two…)

Why is the difference between Energy and Power important?

Power refers to maximum output, while energy refers to total power produced and stored.

It is important if you are buying a solar energy system. If someone says they need a solar power system to produce 8 kW, they might end up being quoted an 8 kW solar power system.

That will cost about $12,000 at today’s prices and produce about 32 kWh per day.

If, what they actually meant was that they need a system to cover an energy usage of 8 kWh per day, then they really need a 2-kW solar system which costs about $4,000 installed.

So, don’t confuse kW and kWh. Because you may end up with a system that is completely the wrong size and costs three times what you should pay for your energy requirements.

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