Upgrading Your Home To Solar With Us Could Net You Thousands Of Dollars In Government Rebates

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A Futureproof Solar Power System That Saves Your Household Money Starting With Your Next Electricity Bill

You’re on this page right now because you know there’s no two ways about it: Solar power is the future of economical and environmentally-friendly electricity in this country.

In the past 18 years, rooftop solar installations in Australia have exploded from just 118 to over 2 million.

That’s because once you install a solar power system at home, your electricity becomes virtually free.

It gives you clean, renewable power and makes your home more independent from the grid.
If you’re ready to make the most sensible and conscious leap in the history of electricity, you need to speak with the team here at C-COR Solar NOW.

C-COR’s Commitment To Safe, Compliant Service

All C-COR Solar personnel are WorkSafe accredited and have completed Police and Working With Children clearances. That means choosing us to install and manage your solar system gives you total peace of mind when we’re working at your property.

The Government Could Literally Pay You Thousands To Install Our Market Leading Solar Technology At Your House

Depending on which state you live in, your new solar energy system could net you thousands of dollars in government rebates as Australia’s leaders look to encourage us ALL to go solar.

When you choose C-COR Solar to help you make the leap, you get:

A State-Of-The-Art Solar Energy System with inbuilt adaptability for all future changes in demand and use. We consider our systems “futureproof” because they’re designed to grow along with your requirements.
The expertise and experience of a solar business that manages every aspect of your new system — from dealing with industry regulators and work safe auditors through to ongoing monitoring and maintenance.
For a full decade after installation, C-COR Solar’s technicians will repair your system should anything go wrong.
C-COR Solar calculates your government rebate and applies to your quotation and invoice. That means we handle all the paperwork and present you with a single, rebate-adjusted figure.

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C-COR Solar Is A Leader With The Strongest Technology Partnerships In The Market

When you go solar with us, you’re not just getting an energy system that will save you thousands and cuts your impact on the environment.

Our industry connections and technology know-how mean your new solar system is completely compliant with all the regulations, rebate conditions and electricity retailer tariffs in the market.

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